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Giorgos Staikos is an artist, who illustrates his thought through a sequence of drawings and paintings, which may eventually evolve into an installation. Ηis theme is mainly about ways and situations people use to malignantly manipulate nature and mankind using arrogant manners and abusive tactics. 

He has entered into various artistic fields: conceiving and performing mural paintings in bars, cafes, clubs and other venues; painting and constructing scenes for Greek theater companies; setting up constructions, sculptures and installations for advertising companies; painting the interiors of Christian orthodox churches in Greece and Germany and several portable icons upon request of churches or individual clients; painting portraits under commission and teaching drawing, painting and icon painting for the last 14 years. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Since 2013 he lives and works in Berlin, where he had a solo exhibition and participated in a few group exhibitions.

He is also a member of the organizing team of "Téchne, which organizes Art exhibitions and events in Berlin.







Artist‘s statement


Art-logical, emotional, mysterious- is involved in all aspects of my life.

Without being bounded by such a purpose, art serves me as a tool to analyze and broaden my perception.

I usually work by making random sketches and drawings.

At times, some of them start to form one or at least one meaning, that I just try to follow and see where it leads me . That‘s why I usually work on series, some of which eventually evolve into installations. When that happens, I consider it is a successful outcome, because the initial idea was strong enough to lead me there and able to express itself more fully.

Installations have that power because they involve space and create a bi-directional relationship between artwork and reality, stating that reality can be a conjecture as well as the artwork, which is extremely important to me.

We can be absolutely sure of nothing.

We never stop learning. The more confident we are about something, the more we risk pretending even to ourselves-that we know something. The more it adds to our knowledge, the more we realize that we have to rearrange or reject cognitive systems or structures that once we considered important.

As for a belief there is a multitude of assumptions to support it, similarly in Art, we try by using small fragments of lies to construct a truth.


In the end we can only conjecture conjectures safely.









Giorgos Staikos  artist


             Curriculum vitae.



       Date of birth:     05.08.1972



2021                    Art Stalker, Berlin/GER. Co organization, curation and participation in the multimedia group-exhibition

                           "Threads of freedom" by "Téchne"  Art-team 


2020                     Illuseum Berlin, Berlin/GER. Group Exhibition  "Missing Nature" with "Téchne" Art-team


2018                     Gallery  Made in WeddingBerlin/GER.  Solo Exhibition "Vestiges"


2018                     Interkulturelles Zentrum, Genezareth, Berlin/GER.  Participation with icon paintings at the multicultural                                     event  Griechisch im Kiez


2017                     Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , Thessaloniki/GR.  Graduated with Master of Fine and Applied Arts


2016 - 2020      Greek - Orthodox Church Christi Himmelfahrt , Berlin/GER. Workshop:  Teaching icon-painting to adults


2013 - 2021      Greek - Orthodox Church Christi Himmelfahrt , Berlin/GER.  Painter, detailed icon paintings


2011 - 2012         University Summer Camp, Halkidiki/GR.  Teaching Painting-, Drawing- and Construction Techniques to                                          children  age 5-12


2009 - 2013        Oxygen Advertising Company, Thessaloniki/GR.  Freelancer, Conceptualizing and constructing installations                                   for advertising and promotion campaigns, and special interest events


         04/2013             The Mall,   Athens/GR.  Installations “Characterized Easter eggs” in the center of the shopping mall for Easter    decoration


         02/2013             Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki/GR.    Different Installation “Rapunzel” & “The Fairy's House” in the

                                    center of the shopping mall for Disney Promotion Campaign  


         12/2012             Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki/GR. Installation “Piano Playground” in the center of the shopping mall and

                                    around, for Christmas decoration


         07/2011              Bravo Coffee, Thessaloniki/GR.  Installation “Cup & Saucer” (height: 3.20 m) for Advertising Campaign Event


         02/2011              Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki/GR.  Different Installations (“Masks”) in the center of the shopping mall and

                                    around, for Carnival decoration.


         12/2010              Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki/GR.  Different Installations (“Christmas tree”, “Nutcracker”, “Stars and

                                    Moon” “Santa’s Workshop”) in the center of the shopping mall and around, for Christmas decoration


          07/2010             Pyramis Kitchen Inspirations, Thessaloniki/GR. Installation “Fry Pan” (size: 5 m x 2.50 m) for Advertising



          12/2009             Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki/GR. Installation “Pomegranate” for Nutrition Advertising Campaign


        04/2009 & 2011  Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki/GR. Different Installations (“Origami”, “Easter egg”. Flower garden”, “Flower

                                   cage”, “Butterflies”) in the center of the shopping mall for Easter decoration


2007 - 2011        State Theater Northern Greece, Thessaloniki/GR.  Freelancer, General stage decor preparation /                                                      construction for theater plays


2007 - 2012       Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki/GR.  Studies at the department of Fine and                                                          Applied Arts             


2008 - 2011       Church Assumption of Mary, Nea Peramos/GR.  Painter, detailed icon wall painting                                                                         works throughout the entire church


2010                  Theater Egnatia,Thessaloniki/GR.  Stage decor preparation for the play “The Piper of Hamelin”


2009                  Theater Aristoteleion, Thessaloniki/GR.  Stage decor preparation for the play “Just between us”


2008                  Nordeco Interior Design Agency, Thessaloniki/GR.  Assistant of head interior designer Antonis                                                       Morfidis, Conceptualizing and constructing installations for Bar-Cafes and Venues.


2008                 Church Assumption of Mary, Orestiada/GR.  Painter, detailed icon wall painting works                                                                     throughout the entire church


2005- 2007       Church Saint Athanasios, Orestiada/GR. Painter, detailed icon wall painting works throughout the                                                   entire church .  


 2006                 Church Saint George, Neas Vyzzas/GR.  Painter, detailed icon wall painting works.


 2005                 Theater Egnatia, Thessaloniki/GR.  Stage decor preparation for the play “Die another day”.


 2005                 Church Prophet Ilias, Sterna/GR.  Painter, detailed icon wall painting works throughout the                                                            entire Church.


 1998-2000       Art and Color Shop, Orestiada/GR. preparation Directing Manager and owner. Purchasing and selling pieces of                             art, accessories, art tools and materials.


1991 - 2013     Multiple freelancer employments for Bars, Cafes, Clubs and other Venues: Orestiada, Evros - Area,                                                        Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Ios /GR. Detailed interior design works, e.g. Paintings, installations                                                 and constructions for e.g. Tithora Clubs in Athens and Santorini, Café Rave Orestiada, Naos Club                                                   Athens.